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Our founder Myeisha aka Afro Sunshine, the childhood nickname her mom gave her, was struggling with heat damage from constantly straightening her curls! It was so bad she didn't even realize her natural hair was curly!! Myeisha was determined to revive her natural hair to find out its true potential! After years of trying product after product

..One busy day getting ready for work Myeisha accidentally poured her Sunflower oil bottle into her Olive oil bottle at home and it started to change her texture back! Myeisha uses home remedies for everything so Then she thought what would happen if she researched oils and natural herbs to revive her and her daughters hair! She taught herself how to hand press and formulate Oils.

Fast forward 3 years and she noticed her daughters curly hair was now all the way down her back. Afro Sunshine's curls were extra bouncy and healthy. One has extreme health and the other had extreme length...Then boom it came to her!!! MIX her oil and your oil together!!!

In that moment Afro Sunshine Hair Growth Serum was Born!!!

Myeisha was just using it on her family and then thought she should share this with others! The interest in it was so high Myeisha decided to make Afro Sunshine Naturals an Official business! Afrosunshine has coached many people across the US grow their hair and improve its overall health!! Whether they struggle from Alopecia, Lupus or just want to be the true definition of Hair GOALS Our hand pressed oils were here to support them.

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